As Matt Taibbi pointed out in a recent column, for the last eight years conservatives have controlled all three branches of government and a lot of the media—everything except the culture. And at some point, while they were busy instituting their tax cuts and declaring war on Iraq, minorities became the majority in several U.S. states, and it became no longer cool for high school kids to call each other “faggot.” It all happened incrementally, insidiously, under their radar. And this year, when they tried their usual fag-bashing tactics and their xenophobia-mongering against illegal aliens, when they made fun of a candidate’s foreign-sounding name and implied he wasn’t a Christian, when they told us all that small-town hicks were the only America that counted, to their incredulity and helpless dismay, it didn't work.

- Tim Kreider

Kyllä, olen myöhässä, mutta tässä on mennyt pari päivää skannaillessa muiden sanomisia (että voi poimia sieltä ne parhaat kun on itse niin taidoton), mutta edelleen sydämeni täyttää hyvä mieli. Ehkä tämä on askel siihen suuntaan mistä löytyy sellainen maailma johon haluaisimme lapsiemme ja heidän lapsiensa kasvavan.

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