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You might be interested in the conversation going on in this thread. The idea behind your quotation isn't that we need to do better at communicating our intentions. It's that no matter what we do, others won't know what's going on in our heads; all they have to go on is our behavior. So if, for example, you can't go to your friend's birthday party because you have to work late, you'll know how much you wanted to be there and how your awful boss would fire you if you went and how your not going pains you. All she'll know is that you weren't at her party, and she may assume that if you really cared about her, you'd have found a way to be there. There isn't really a way to bridge that gap, because we can't get inside one another's heads. All we can do is try to communicate our thoughts and feelings to people we care about, and hope that they love us enough to understand that we can't always live up to our ideals. And we can try to keep in mind that other people are, just like us, doing the best they can.

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