I know everything feels very scary, but you can try to focus on this one amazing truth when you're alone and feeling overwhelmed: No one deserves to be miserable. No one in the world. Nothing you've done in your life has earned you this constant pummeling of background radiation thick with anxiety and self-hatred. That's a useful bit of information for when you need to comfort yourself; it reconnects you with a very basic sort of humanity, which can seem so far away when you're mired in feeling awful and unworthy. So here's to studio apartment karaoke and earnest letters and new hobbies and self-edification and heroes, right? (Right!)

Ask Metafilter: "How to enjoy 'me-time'?"

En ole oikeastaan itse kärsinyt tästä aikoihin, mutta tunnistan oireet ja allekirjoitan. Sinä, joka murehdit ja olet liikaa oman pääsi sisällä, lue koko ketju.

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