The Pain - When will it end? Not yet, that's for sure. 
Tim Kreideristä olen puhunut muutaman kerran aiemminkin, ja teen sen taas, sillä hän on nyt alkanut jakaa vanhoja sarjakuviaan (uusien kommenttien kera) nettisivuillaan. Tsekatkaa myös uusin esseensä Nerve.comissa, siellä lopussa on tutun oloinen ajatus:
Let me also point out, as gently as possible, that everyone is a performer; spouses and lovers might be the most subtle and polished of all. The head resting on the pillow next to yours is ultimately remote and unknowable as life on other worlds. We can’t know for certain what’s behind anyone else’s eyes, or what they’re seeing when they look at us. We never truly touch; all we can ever feel is that spark that leaps across the gap between us. Every time we talk to a friend or look into a loved one’s eyes it’s a gesture of faith, like astronomers beaming signals into interstellar space: we have to believe that someone is out there across the emptiness in the cold glare, someone like ourselves, looking back.

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