Are You The Business 
Suomessakin näköjään pari vuotta sitten vierailleen punk-runoilija John Cooper Clarken Are You The Business (youtube):
Does Superman wear blue tights
And keep away from kryptonite
Do old ladies get mugged at night
Are you the business

Do workers want a living wage
Do rock stars lie about their age
Would a tiger run from an open cage
Are you the business

Are you the fuck off business
Is my first name John
Is strangeways full of prisoners
Am I over twenty-one

Are the royal family really rich
Is Scooby-Doo one son-of-a bitch
Is Wembley stadium a football pitch
Are you the business

Did Noriega knock out coke
Did Bob Marley like the odd smoke
Was Jesus Christ a decent bloke
Are you the business

Does Oliver Reed ever get pissed
Can Chubby Checker do the twist
Was Karl Marx a communist
Are you the business

Was James Dean a cool cat
Was Kennedy a democrat
Do Hacedic men wear hats
Are you the business

Will narcotics get you hooked
Did Dostoyevsky write the odd book
Was Al Capone a bit of a crook
Are you the business

Did Buddy Holly wear horn-rimmed specs
Is czechoslovakia full of czechs
Did Sigmund Freud consider sex
Are you the business

Did Elvis ever rock 'n roll
Did James Brown have any soul
Will I touch you with a ten-foot barge pole
Are you the business

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